Cosmetic Award : game The paint bucket item has no use other than hanging a hack few tones on your outfit.
Broken Bridge : Several areas in boot the game can be accessed only after anno you collect certain effects.A green girl asks you to distract the guard of diagram a bar and diagram turns everyone inside to shreds once you.Gainax Ending : Sarah jumps off a bridge and her Effects circle around her before fading away.Sizeshifter : The magnifying glass item allows you to become wizard smaller.It dies because the juice is expired.She suddenly stops playing and is gone when you next enter the bar.Journey to the Center of the Mind Lighter and Softer : There are no hostile characters and Sarah has no weapons to hurt npcs diagram with.You play as Sarah, a comatose girl who explores various dream worlds in a search for effects to advance further in the game.Use the desk in the room to save your progress, and hold the escape key for more than two seconds to exit home the nasu console game.The Stinger : Much like home in Yume anno Nikki, the game requires you to collect all items and then jump off a bridge. Installation instructions are provided in the zip file.
Some actions necessary to progress through the game have horrible consequences for certain characters.
Mental World administrator Mind Screw Mysterious Past : Of which Sarah's dreams give a certain amount of insight.
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