weird park broken tune collector edition review

WOW, this game really impressed upgrading me, especially for the time it was released.
The kamasutra parallel dimension theme park was very clever.
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This is a horrifying, scary, yet awesome HO - Adventure game!Rated 5 pictures out isquint of tune 5 by Bumbles2 from Not a weird park at all.Most of your time will with be spent hunting for key objects that book sit comfortably in your inventory, waiting to be used.Rated 5 out of 5 by neilskinut from Great and a must buy I bought this because it was on sale.DO buy the CE - the Bonus Chapter is quite lengthy and maintains origins the level of quality of the main game.As I study origins the scenes I get to know the objects so each time back gets easier which is a good change of pace.You end mugen up in an old theme park, complete with derelict equipment and dusty attractions that look like game they're about to eat you.I generally dislike HO scenes but I liked these and was perfectly content to revisit the same scenes multiple times - it was rewarding to remember where you saw things before and find them quickly.The artwork was great!It's a great-looking and wholly satisfying hidden object keygen adventure that will last longer than most keygen games in the genre.This one stands out a bit with its excellent visual presentation and gameplay that never stumbles over itself trying to give you everything you could ever want from a hidden object game. For the most part, puzzles are logical in nature, so you won't need to use a rusty nail to dig a hole or toothpaste to seal a crack in a dam or anything like that.