warcraft 3 reign of chaos 1.20e patch

(4)Hellfire o Reduced games the creep level on the two middle Red creep camps.
Warcraft III.20 BUG fixes hindi * Fixed hindi a cucchiaio Bug that disabled Spirit ebook Walkers from resurrecting other Spirit Walkers.
(6)Typhoon o Fixed Red and Teal start location to demons be closer to the goldmines like imagemagick the other start locations.
Skeletal Longevity design research time reduced to 15 seconds from 30 seconds.Checkout the latest news vita to be up to date!Bonus Maps Added to t - (6)Everfrost - (6)Sunrock Cove - (8)Full Scale Assault - (4)Phantom Grove - (2)Shrine of the Ancients - (8)Hurricane Isle - (6)Emerald Shores - (4)Deathrose - (6)Duststorm episodes - (8)Cherryville - (12)Worm War (this is a trigger map) - (10)Skibi'sCastleTD.Game - Enable/Disable Select: Clarified name and grammar text, added hint.The Frozen Throne: Several Bug Fixes, fixed a bug that disabled Spirit Walkers from resurrecting other Spirit Walkers.O, because of that many players thought the enemy is using drop hack or forge some other cheat, but the client was just not stable.(8)GolemsInTheMist o Removed the center medion creep and Neutral building.Map changes: (6)WizardsRetreat: inazuma Separated two creep camps near both corner starting locations to prevent them from calling each other for help when one is attacked.Lightning - Move Lightning Effect: Clarified name and grammar text.Warcraft III.20, bUG fixes * Fixed a Bug that disabled Spirit Walkers from resurrecting other Spirit Walkers.O Opened up all choke points on the map.Many players got angry when the games crashed for no reason and you had lose on your t profile.Undead - Skeletal Mastery research time reduced to 30 seconds from 45 seconds.Renamed "Life Drain" to "Drain Life".From Wowpedia, jump to: navigation, search, this page is about the, warcraft games III patch information. Maps - (2)PlunderIsle o Added ground anti-air creep to both center goldmines.