rome total war unit guide

Version.5 game I started the builder game on a more aggressive stance as sallying forth without cavalry will not work.
Chariots are not easy to version use.
The Seleucids are spread too pavilion thinly at the full start compared to the Armenians, so you should take advantage of this.Aka Blood pavilion Rage Original submission made June 7 2005 First update June 17 2005 Second update June 28 2005 Third update October 04 2005 Fourth update Fifth update 02 December 2006 Correction for Briton viewer Strategy ixth version update 12 September 2007 note: at the end.Let them all stand on the wall and shoot the enemy until you run out korea of ammo.Egypt captured Dumatha and that signalled me to start training up more horse game archers at Susa and Seleucia for eventual Egyptian full invasion.I then took my time to send the rams up to the walls.If I have game a chariot, it'll be used to outflank the enemy.If the enemy has missile cavalry, just let your elephants face them and exchange fire because without fire arrows, normal arrows can't seem to kill war elephants.So I had to hire mercenaries.Yup, the falxmen killed a few war elephants too.The sole elephant unit and infantry support with mercs manage to defeat the Greek army on Sicily and then I laid siege to Syracuse ad this time I waited it out as my units can't face the pikes in narrow city windows streets.This strategy is ideal for factios without onagers or if you don't want arrows to pour onto your invading forces as you march down the streets.No army is too expensive to bribe.I enjoy seeing the dogs chasing after retreating enemy units.Never time to rest version and always getting me planning. In builder Italy, I had 2 armies prepared with onagers to sweep onto Rome, one from the north version and the other from the east.

Trying to play defensively is out of the question against a similar strength enemy.
I didn't even build roads at Carthage for quite a while as the military is of greater priority to ship them to Sicily.
Greek Cities Rating rome total war unit guide B solely due to Armoured Phalanx which are tough to beat.