There are new crop aspect ratio presets as well as document size presets that allow you books to crop and resize at the same time.
Create or refine layer masks in scom Photoshop.It now has suite a mode option which serial is set to paint-out by default.Image processing performance books has been increased.Ratings and labels are stored in the metadata so they will transfer to other applications like Lightroom.In the past we just set the the white and black points.Faster processing; the Suite is now up to 2x faster than Suite 8 in many instances.Lens Flare: There is a new lens flare filter photo in Effects.Optional Application Integration, adobe Photoshop CS5, CS6, CC, adobe Photoshop Elements 10, 11,.You can lion now copy and paste lion masks from image to image and across modules.Among the key enhancements in Perfect Photo Suite 9 lion are: An overhauled fantastic Browse module, which adds lightning-fast games previews of letter RAW files; new rating, ranking and keyword tools; and sophisticated filtering capabilities.This provides better results than it used to because it does not bring thank back unwanted colors.Resize cmyk, Grayscale, or LAB color mode images in Photoshop.Favorites Pane: The favorites feature of the Folders pane has been split out into its own pane.What's new in Perfect Photo Suite 9: Perfect Browse - Lightning fast previews of all your files.Noise Reduction: There is a new noise reduction filter in Enhance and Effects.Printing: You can now do basic printing from any module, including Resize and Browse.Files dont get duplicated when you add them to an Album, its more like a list of shortcuts.Auto Tone: There is a new auto tone algorithm that replaces the old dual auto levels.Select the tool and loosely brush over what you want to remove.This will be coming soon for Windows.1 users as well. Save As: You can now save out copies directly from Browse in any supported file legendado format.
And Smart Photos use the standard Photoshop file format, so you are assured of maximum compatibility.