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Marked for indexing, if the issue isnt caused by computer any currently known issue, check whether the pst-file or mailbox has been marked to indo be indexed.Here, make sure that Outlook is selected.Yesterday when I autocad came in to work I found that I was unable to search my strategy Outlook inbox or folders.So it seems Search works (more or less properly) when you have general administrative rights AND are running Outlook as Administrator, or when neither is true, but not if one is true and search the other isn't. .When I checked the Indexing Service and garrys restarted, Outlook searches were completely normal.After the first few rounds of updates, I installed Office 2010 Professional from disk and connected Outlook to my Exchange chip mailbox.Dll (Windows Search Email Indexer) is not required by Outlook 2010 and is intentionally disabled.Control Panel / Programs and Features / Turn Windows features on or off.I remember when I used to know how to do things instead of how to do Google searches!I fixed a problem today with Outlook 2010 that has never outlook come up before and wont have any relevance to any of you.Select MDB - Open Message Store.But lately windows (as of about Jan 2013) I could not get racing ANY results whatsoever - a search for all messages, or all messages from me, in a pst file or my Inbox on the Exchange server, delivered no messages.This is hurting productivity quite a bit.Locations selected to be indexed in Outlook 2007.File / Options / Addins.Troubleshoot email search results, if it still doesnt dungeons work press the blue handbook Troubleshoot search and indexing link.Control Panel / Programs / Uninstall a program / highlight Office 2010 change ).You can find this file in the same folder as outlook.It took a while to discover that mssphtb.It seems to be email-address-specific, but that's just a theory. Some of these bugs are relatively minor but on other occasions, it could prevent Outlook from showing any search results for certain configurations.
Note that there was a followup for a very specific additional issue with the Samsung Series 9 laptop.
I am using Outlok 2010 under Windows 7 on a laptop provided (fairly recently) by my employer. .