Exporting your video, the number video you export garrys for Audition does not need be good quality.
To add the video file we exported level earlier to your Audition multitrack sequence, select File indo garrys Import File, basket navigate to the video file and select.This allows you to see the video clip, once you add it autocad to the Timeline.Importing OMF half into audition A much better way to work is to use OMF which is why this works for so many versions of Final Cut, because OMF has been around for a long discs time.It is fully uncompressed, totally supported by Final Cut Pro, and exports FAR faster than aiff.Audition needs to create local copies of the transferred files, so it asks friends where it can store them. .In the case of Final Cut Pro 7, this is XML version. .You simply need to export in two stages: audio first, lovers then video.But it isnt necessary.That hype discs isnt relevant when you are playing the file from a hard disk.This dialog determines garrys the final specs of your exported audio. Im of two minds about the bottom deluxe three check boxes.
Click, oK, give the file a name and location and save.

Exporting from final CUT PRO.
Click the, settings button in the video section.
This is just a temp hype 1.5 serial number file, used only for audio mixing.