FIX NPC Spawning is always allowed in single player.
FIX Lua memory leak, half aDD gm_freeze gamemode by Jon Sully aka "Jonny".
If half you're new you can change simple things like rate of fire, models, sounds.
Fixed not being able to respawn after the possessed NPC died.You can do ragdoll posing, create cars, create rockets, even create NPC wars!Axis a wheel to it to create a working car.GMod.0 will be released tomorrow (Friday 28th) at 10PM GMT.Using GMod you can build.LUA Removed io/os library, lUA Added loadlib library, lUA _EntSetParent(, ).Apr 14 2006 News, garry's Mod, the Source-powered physics sandbox famed across the games industry, is to be sold over Steam for 10 US, with profits split evenly between.Added stukabat, added Heavy Human Grunt, added Mortarsynth.FIX Disabled auto switch in all build gamemodes (g33k).LUA GmodRect/GModText doesn't draw when followed ent half isn't in PVS.Added strider, ichthyosaur, archer and new snpcs to possessable NPCs. LUA cleaner half _GModQuad_SetTimings(, ) LUA garrys _GModQuad_Send(, ) LUA half _GModQuad_SendAnimate(, ) LUA _EntGetName( ) LUA garrys _EntSetName(, ) LUA eventPlayerUseEntity( playerid, half entity ) LUA Added lifetype class defs to a LUA _SetDefaultRelationship(, ) LUA _TraceSetCollisionGroup( ) LUA Added masks life to a LUA _TraceSetMask( ) LUA _file.
Exe to push the source engine to its limits and bypass high poly counts of vertices.