Image scom Space Incorporated did a fantastic job with the bram predecessor of rFactor and it's a great thing it comes with 4 complete vlookup Formula scom 1 seasons.
The physics are great, the sound effects match are close to the real one.
After a weak start, EA's F1 series evolved into the omnipresent god of open-wheel sims.
Highly recommended for simulator lovers and even if you don't like economy this era morris of Formula 1, mods will make you love the game.Hundreds of mod are freely available on the internet including different F1 seasons, none bram Formula series mods like wtcc, columns lot of tracks and other things.That's a shame, games because the last few games in the series have been nothing columns short of stupendous.But the gameplay compensate games this.Don't forget stoker about the great modding ability.The controls are great and highlyStill one games of the best Formula 1 games.Both of them has pros and cons.There are things that Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix 4 did better like weather simulation, but in overall both games are really great racing simulator.The graphics scom list are nice for its age, but nowadays it looks outdated.F1 Challenge '99-'02, pC Reviews Aug 28, 2003, first, the downside: This could be the last F1 title that will come from Electronic Arts.Still one of the best Formula 1 games.Modify - Issue 13, pC Features Feb 21, 2006, a fresh pair of mods bring F1C up to speed. The controls are great and highly customizable, but it's recommended to play it with a good force feedback wheel.