cios 222 installer v4

Remove all GameCube memory cards and version controllers, remove any disc that may be pocket in the setup DVD slot, and unplug any usb device that may be plugged.
What you nuances should install response first, what you need, sD Card.
This time professional select Custom IOS 223 and select IOS37 merged with IOS38.Start HomeBrew Channel and start the cIOS 222 Installer.If you don't have IOS236, then pay more attention to the "What you should install first" section above.You should now setup have a file called sd apps/cios_installer/l amongst others.You will not have to remove or delete any previous installs.Download - er_v5.1D.rar Use this for wifi/network install (your cios wii is connected to the internet download from the link above, unzip the rar, look serial in the apps folder, copy the cios_installer folder to the apps folder of your matlab Wii SD card.Version.0C is here which includes v4 of the IOSes, although.1 is now better.You will not have to remove or delete any previous installs of these IOS's.Select IOS236 full for install, press the "A" button.If IOS223 doesn't work with Rock Band games, then try heat IOS222.Be sure that Pack wad is NOT selected.You need IOS236 for this guide.You need to make the folders yourself.This step is very important.To select only specific games to use Hermes' IOS, select each game and push 1 and you will see an option to change IOS to 224-mload.If you have IOS236 installed then skip this part.Be sure that, pack wad is, nOT selected.It is still skype safe to have it installed and it won't damage your other setups, so if you want a complete installation, go ahead with it too. Press 1 to Install, if installation fails, try reinstalling, iOS236.
You are now ready to install a USB Loader.
Using this installer can install IOS202, boombox 222, 223, 224, install one or all, it's your choice.

Select to Install Custom cios 222 installer v4 IOS 222 and select IOS38.
Ignore any reference, in the guide, to an ios folder, unless you create your own, for offline install.
IOS IOS 60 v6174 - Download this version and NO other.